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Whether you’re a first-time buyer or going on your 5th move, purchasing a home is a significant milestone.  I’m thrilled to be your agent as you embark on this journey. Share with me your desires, requirements, budget, and preferred locations, and together we’ll discover the ideal home for you. Teaming up with me is the perfect way to kickstart your home buying journey, if I do say so myself! With years of experience in the local market, a track record of successful transactions, and a plethora of wonderful clients, you’re in excellent hands.

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My wife and I can’t say enough about what an incredible job Lauren did as our agent! We recently bought a house in Harpers Ferry but we live near Baltimore. She was so knowledgeable about the area and the home buying process. She was incredibly accommodating to our crazy schedules and was a calm steady process in a stressful market. She helped us navigate several potential land mines and we ended up with the perfect house for our family. We are incredibly grateful for her!

– Ryan Casey (buyer)

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Selecting the right Realtor® can feel overwhelming and intimidating. However, it's crucial to remember that you're the one in control. Trust your instincts and choose the agent who not only possesses the most knowledge but also makes you feel the most comfortable.


During this step you will have your credit checked, assets disclosed and be approved to start shopping. You can choose your lender OR I can provide a few recommendations. 

Let the games begin

This is undoubtedly the most fun part of the process! This is where we start touring properties in your desired area. I can send you listings directly from the Realtor MLS, which is the most up-to-date source of real estate listings in our market! 

Submit an offer

You've finally found "the one" and now it's time to submit your offer to purchase.  Remember to ALWAYS READ YOUR OFFER THOROUGHLY and ask any questions before you sign. 

Due diligence and closing

After our offer is accepted we will move into the transaction phase of the journey. This is when we order the inspections, appraisal and title work. I'll be available to guide you and answer all your questions. 

Closing date

We made it! One of the most exciting moments of our journey is  signing all the loan documents monies are exchanged and title records the purchase. Once all this takes place I'll be providing you the keys to your home!

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Free Moving Checklist

Let me help you take the guesswork out of buying a home and moving into a new home. I have created a free resource for you to better understand all the steps involved in start life in your new home. 


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Ready to find your dream home? Gain access to the latest listings, personalized property recommendations, and real-time updates tailored to your specific criteria. Whether you’re looking for a cozy starter home, a spacious family retreat, or an investment property, my free property search makes it easy to explore available options and discover the perfect match for your needs and preferences. Sign up for your free, no obligation property search today and take the first step towards finding your ideal home!

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About Buying Real Estate

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About Buying Real Estate?

To determine your budget for buying real estate, start by evaluating your current financial situation, including income, expenses, savings, and credit score. Consult with a mortgage lender to get pre-approved for a loan, which will give you a clear understanding of how much you can afford to spend on a property. Securing financing early in the process can help you narrow down your search and make competitive offers when you find the right property.

When choosing the right location for your real estate investment, consider factors such as neighborhood amenities, school districts, property taxes, crime rates, future development plans, and proximity to work, schools, shopping, and recreational activities. Researching and understanding the local market conditions and trends can help you make an informed decision and select a location that aligns with your lifestyle, investment goals, and long-term plans.

When viewing potential properties, consider important features and criteria such as property size, layout, condition, age, maintenance needs, energy efficiency, parking, outdoor space, and potential for future renovations or upgrades. Evaluate the property’s functionality, comfort, and potential resale value to ensure it meets your needs, preferences, and investment objectives.

The real estate negotiation process involves making an offer on a property, discussing and agreeing on terms with the seller, potentially negotiating price, contingencies, and closing dates, and reaching a mutually acceptable agreement. As a buyer, it’s important to work with a knowledgeable real estate agent who can represent your interests, provide expert advice, guide you through the negotiation process, and help you make informed decisions to secure the best possible deal on your desired property.

The closing process when buying real estate involves finalizing paperwork, coordinating inspections and appraisals, resolving any outstanding issues or contingencies, securing financing, and facilitating the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer. To prepare for the closing process, it’s essential to review all documents carefully, communicate regularly with your real estate agent and lender, address any concerns or questions promptly, and ensure all financial obligations and requirements are met to successfully complete the purchase of your new property.


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